June 20, 2021

Bike helmets have become an increasingly popular option for the growing number of people who choose to walk or bike to work, especially in the wake of the fatal accident at the World Trade Center.

As a result, many people are spending more time commuting than they used to, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The IHS is calling for mandatory bicycle helmet laws, which would allow people to be held liable for injuries sustained on the road if they wear a helmet at all.

Here’s why I chose one and what I think of it right now.1.

Bicycle helmet insurance is expensive.

It’s not cheap.

Insurance companies typically charge you $100-$200 per month, and they are only required to cover up to $25,000 of damages.

But it’s not as expensive as it might seem.

The average annual premium for a helmet in 2017 was $6,600.

The IHI estimated that a helmet cost about $5,000.2.

The cost of the helmet is dependent on many factors.

You can see some of those here.3.

The most common reason to get a helmet is to protect yourself from the elements.

If you’re outdoors, the more protective your helmet, the less likely you are to be hurt, the study found.

That means you can choose a helmet that doesn’t fit well, or you can buy a helmet made for someone who doesn’t have much mobility, the IHS said.

A helmet made specifically for walkers or cyclists would cost more.4.

It takes a lot of energy to wear a bike safety helmet.

The Institute of Medicine estimates that cycling accounts for about 30% of U.S. highway deaths.

If that number increases to 45% or 50% of deaths, that would put biking in the top five causes of injury and disability.5.

You’ll pay for it later.

I’ve always been a big advocate for wearing a helmet when I can.

My wife, who rides a bike, wears one of her own and we’re both very conscientious about it.

I still get pretty good sleep while I ride and I think the best thing about the IHI study is that it gives me a lot more information to use to make my own decision.

In the meantime, I’m going to buy a bike.

I’m definitely going to take advantage of the fact that I don’t have to worry about a lawsuit if I get hit by a car and then the helmet doesn’t save my life.

I have a good backup plan, so if I’m in an accident, I’ll have my bike and my helmet to pass on.

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