August 3, 2021

The BMO Hockey Club has announced it will launch a new electric bike designed to appeal to families looking for a lighter and more environmentally friendly option for their next ride.

The BMO Electric Bicycles, named the BMO E-Bike, will debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi, Russia, next month.

This year, BMO plans to launch its first electric bike with the price tag of $1.100 and the full battery life of 100 kilometres.

BMO says it will make it easy for people to pick up their new electric Bikes at the store.

“We’ve developed a modular platform that allows us to create the Bmx E-bike and BMO Bikes, a new concept to help young and healthy adults make a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choice,” said Bob McCurdy, President of BMO Consumer Products.

It also plans to offer two different electric bike models: a compact bike, designed to fit in the pocket of a younger sibling, and a more luxurious, fully-electric model, with more power and range, to compete with larger, more expensive electric bicycles.

While BMO has sold over 100,000 electric bikes, it expects the number of new bikes to grow by over 1,000 per day this year.

Read more about BMO electric bike at BMO website Budget electric bike manufacturer, Brescia, has announced plans to introduce an affordable electric bike for sale this year that will run on the company’s low-cost electric motor.

A low-power motor provides the bike with a range of less than 300 kilometres.

The Brescians are offering a free test ride, but a minimum of three customers can be enrolled in the program.

One Brescius customer, a local businessman who has owned his business for 20 years, said he was excited to be part of a community effort to develop a new affordable electric bicycle for the general public.

With the current lack of affordable electric bikes in many parts of Europe, Bmx wants to provide a way for more people to experience cycling.

I am very pleased that Bmx will be able to provide me with a bike to test drive, he said.

In a press release, Bms said the BresCIans low-powered motor has a range rating of just 50 kilometres.

This means it can travel from the local grocery store to a petrol station in just over an hour.

As a Brescian, I am very excited about the opportunity to help the BMX team achieve their goal of making a low-priced, low-mass electric bicycle available to the general population, said the businessman.

After years of being out of the reach of consumers, BMs low-price electric bikes have become an important tool in reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Many Bmx riders will also be able use Bresca bikes in their everyday lives.

Currently, the Bios low-performance electric bike has an EPA rating of 30 kilometres per 100 kilograms.

However, with the launch of Bmx’s low cost electric bike in 2019, Bmys low-range electric bike will have a range rated of about 120 kilometres.

Bmx says the Bmikes low-speed motor is the same motor used in its high-performance bikes.

Its lower range, combined with its lower price, is why Bmies low-end electric bike is so appealing to Bmx customers, said McCurdy.

He said the company is excited to offer Bmx owners a low cost option that is designed to be used by Bmx cyclists.

 Bmx said it will work with Breschias local community and the Bikes manufacturer to provide support to local businesses to ensure Bmx has the right electric bike to meet their needs.

McDougall said the team is looking forward to seeing how Bmx can use its low-profile Bmx bikes as part of its community outreach program. 

The Bmx Electric Bikes are scheduled to debut at Bmx stores across the country on Jan. 6, 2019.

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