August 19, 2021

In the US, Apple announced the iPhone X on November 24, 2018, and it will go on sale in the US on November 25.

But in Europe, it was delayed until November 26 and the same applies to other markets.

The iPhone X will be available in six colours and in a wider variety of colours.

It will also be available on four different storage sizes, one of which will be 128GB.

According to Apple, the iPhone 9.9 will also have a display of 24 inches and a resolution of 1080p.

But it won’t be available at the same time in the USA and UK.

Apple also confirmed the iPhone Pro model will also include a 24-inch display, but its price tag has yet to be announced.

The new iPhone models have a lot in common with the iPhone 8 Plus, the company’s first smartphone.

But there are a few notable differences:There are new features, like the iPhone’s ‘Face ID’, which makes it possible to unlock your iPhone by looking at it with your face.

The Face ID sensor works on your retina and will also allow you to create your own custom Face ID photos, and a new Face Unlock feature will let you unlock your phone with your voice.

There’s also a ‘taptic engine’ in the phone which makes your phone feel much more responsive and responsive is faster.

There’s a redesigned iPhone X with a thinner frame, a smaller screen, and slightly taller buttons.

The phone will come with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is a fingerprint reader with an iris scanner on the back of the device.

Apple will also make the iPhone XL more comfortable to use, with a new ‘Touch ID’ fingerprint scanner on both sides of the phone.

The phone will also come with a camera with an optical zoom, a new 3D Touch feature, and an improved Face Unlock.

The camera will also let you take better selfies, which will also offer better selfie quality.

The iPhone 8 will be replaced by the iPhone 10, with the larger iPhone 10 Plus.

The device will come in three colors: silver, gold, and sapphire.

It’ll be available from October 2018.

Apple is also planning to launch a ‘screen protector’ accessory that’s meant to protect your iPhone from scratches and other damage, according to an interview with TechCrunch’s Jonathan Katz.

The screen protector accessory will include a protective shell with the ‘Apple logo’ and a protective cover that protects the screen from scratches, and will cost $49.99.

It’s unclear how much Apple is paying for this device, but the company is offering it for free, and the price of the screen protector will be $99.99 (or £74.99).

You’ll be able to buy the screen protection accessory at retail stores starting November 17 in the UK and November 20 in the Netherlands.

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