August 22, 2021

It may sound like a no-brainer but, unfortunately, it’s not.

It takes a bit of work.

You’ll need to be aware of what the child needs to do, and how to get them on the bike safely.

You might be surprised to find out that there are some things you can’t do, but you can still have fun on the pedals.

The rules Children can ride a bicycle with adult supervision in most parts of Ireland.

In some circumstances children are allowed to ride on their own without a parent.

You must be at least 17 years old and must be wearing a helmet.

You may also need to wear a bicycle safety belt.

The bicycle helmet rules for children A child can ride the bicycle on the right hand side of the bike lane and may not use the left hand side.

You can use the right side of a bicycle lane, if the bicycle lane is not blocked.

Children must wear a helmet that meets the requirements for head protection.

Children riding on the left must wear an appropriate safety helmet with a minimum of 10mm (1/2 inch) in diameter, and a safety belt to protect their head and neck.

Children may not ride on a bicycle where the seat of the bicycle is at the back of the vehicle, or where the bike is a trailer.

If you want to ride a child in the front of a car, the vehicle must have a proper seatbelt and a child seat.

Bicycle safety belt rules Children may ride a bike without a bicycle helmet but must wear one.

Children wearing a bicycle bicycle safety seat must not ride with any other child or in a bicycle, as they could damage the bicycle.

Children should wear a safety bicycle seat, or bicycle safety helmet, at all times.

Children under 15 years old can ride on the seat provided it is a bike safety seat.

A child under 15 must be on a child safety bicycle if the child is wearing a safety helmet and the bicycle safety harness has been removed.

Children 16 years old or older may ride on bicycle safety helmets provided they have a bicycle seat on the same bicycle.

A safety bicycle must be able to carry at least one child, and must not carry a child who is in the same wheelbase as the child.

Children are also not allowed to use the bicycle as a vehicle.

They may use it to play with other children, or as a way of exercising their own skill.

Children who have disabilities should have a helmet fitted.

Bicycle seat rules Children who ride a children’s bicycle must wear bicycle safety seats.

Bicycle child safety seat rules You must wear the appropriate child safety bike seat at all time.

Children need a helmet, which must be the one with the minimum 10mm safety padding.

Bicycle helmet rules You may not wear a childrens bicycle helmet, or a childs bicycle safety bicycle, without a helmet of a standard type approved by the Department of Transport.

A bicycle safety bike must have two wheels, and it must be designed for the use of children under 15.

Children cannot ride in front of other children on the rear of a vehicle, trailer or motorcycle.

You cannot use a bicycle as part of a way to play, or for a wheelchair ride.

Children aged under 15 and over may ride with children aged over 15 in a child-friendly manner.

You need to check the childrens safety helmet requirements.

Children and bicycles in school facilities Children can be allowed to bike on school premises.

You don’t need a permit to ride bicycles on school grounds.

If a child rides on the playgrounds, the school must allow children to use a safe bike.

Children can also ride in the garden, and children are not allowed on school property unless they are in a wheel-chair.

Children travelling alone, on a journey for recreation or for school can ride bikes in school transport vans.

Children in school buses may ride in school-owned bikes, but only with permission from the school authority.

Children over the age of 15 are not permitted to ride bikes on school-run vehicles.

Children on school bus may ride bicycles, and are not required to wear helmets.

Bicycle-pedestrian safety rules Children riding a bicycle are not prohibited from riding in public places or crossing the road on the footpath, if it is safe.

If the road is narrow, you may be allowed on the narrow side of it.

You do not need to use any other safety features, such as helmets or a bicycle child safety belt, to ride in public.

Bicycle use in schools Bicycle-using children are free to use all of the facilities on campus, whether on foot or on a bike.

If they choose to ride the schoolbus, they are not obliged to wear protective equipment or wear helmets, nor must they wear a child’s bicycle safety safety helmet.

Children ride bicycles in the public areas of campus, including on the main streets, the quadrangle, the main campus quad, the park and play area, and on the side streets

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