September 24, 2021

Posted by MTV News on November 13, 2018 04:18:10Today we are going to look at the art of bicycle painting. 

In this post, we are also going to talk about the importance of the bike itself, its beauty, and the people that make it.

The Art of Bike Painting: Part 1 (A Brief History of Bicycle Paintings) By this time, we have been to all the major cities in the United States and Europe. 

Most people are familiar with the works of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, and of course the famous Monet. 

But few have ever seen Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece The Birth of Venus (1925), which is the most famous of all Picasso works. 

When the painting was first exhibited in Paris in 1925, it was hailed as the most beautiful painting ever done. 

“A masterpiece of painting, Picasso said in a letter to a friend about the painting, which he had commissioned to be painted in Paris,” a source in the museum told me. 

Painted by Picasso, Venus was an homage to his childhood friend Francois Henri Matèse. 

Matèse was born in France on August 6, 1799. 

He was a painter, who in 1814 resided in France and lived in a cave in the Pyrenees Mountains of northern Spain, until he came to America in 1815. 

At that time, Matès works were exhibited in New York and Philadelphia. 

From 1815 to 1824, he was a well-known artist in New Orleans. 

Picard was the one who first suggested to Matèses mother, Marie-Thérèse de Chatelain, to paint him a painting, but the two had no chemistry, according to a French source in France. 

During this time in 1821, Matéses mother died of tuberculosis. 

So matès father, Pierre Matèsen, came up with the idea to create a painting based on Matèsea’s adopted daughter Débastien. 

Détournement (a.k.a.

“the Birth of a Man”) was born on February 26, 1823. 

The painting was the most ambitious of all Matèscas work, and the most complex of the bunch. 

To achieve the perfect picture, Matéses father used the aid of a large number of paints, which was achieved by mixing water, air, and a large amount of light. 

A source in the museum told me Matisse would not be able to draw a simple, straight line, because of the different paints. 

One of the best examples of the complexity of matéses painting is The Child, which is a masterpiece of the artist’s life. 

(There are also several painters that have shown their paints at Madrid and Paris.) 

The painting was commissioned by Matisse to be completed by December 25, 1821. 

However, Detournement was only completed in February of 1823, and was never finished. 

According to one source, it was only finished in January of 1824. 

Although it has been referenced by many artists as one of Matsss most famous works, I have never seen it, yet. 

What is Matisse’s work about? 

What was Matisse thinking about when he painted the painting? 

In The Art of Bike Painting, we are going to find out what Matiss was thinking about when he made this masterpiece. 

As I have already mentioned, his mother died in 1821, leaving Désiré Matisse a young man who wanted to make a name for himself as a painter. 

His father had been the painter of the famous Monet in Paris for a few years, and Matisse had decided to dedicate himself to painting, rather than to painting his mother. 

This was not a very sophisticated paintery, but Matis had enough to create a beautiful painwork, according to the source. 

I have to say, that Matisse is probably one of my favorite pain-makers, because he really gets what he does. 

And he is doing it on his bike. 

How do I know? 

Well, in an interview with GQ in 2007, 

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