September 29, 2021

The smartphone has become a favorite among some tech savvy millennials and a staple in many of their everyday lives, but its reputation for being a clunky beast is growing.

A survey of 500 people by Gartner, the research company, found that the iPhone’s reputation among millennials is among the worst among smartphones on the market.

It’s not that the phones are bad.

It just doesn’t get the attention it deserves, according to the survey, which was conducted in August.

The Gartners survey also found that nearly 60% of people in that age group said they use the iPhone “mostly or very rarely.”

That number jumps to 65% among those who say they use it a lot.

Those numbers are down from 70% in 2014.

The survey also showed that people who say their phone is their favorite phone of all time are less likely to use it every day.

Nearly 30% of those surveyed say they only use their phone for their daily commute and 30% use it for work.

And just 19% say they do it every week or once a month.

“When you compare the two groups, they’re pretty similar,” said David Zaslavsky, an analyst at Gartens.

“It’s not just that the average iPhone user has an iPhone that’s great, but it’s also that the one you actually use is the one that people see and it’s really important.”

The iPhone is the most widely used smartphone in the world.

Apple sells more than 50 million smartphones every month, according the company.

The company is known for making great products and services.

It sells a $299 iPhone case with a curved screen, an iPad Air and a $199 earbuds.

But its smartphone reputation is among those worst.

A Garters study said people are more likely to dismiss the iPhone when they see it in the same light as other smartphones.

They’re less likely when they compare it to Apple products, such as the iPad, MacBook Air and iPhone 6 Plus.

People are also more likely when people compare the iPhone to the iPad Pro.

The iPhone 5S is also the least popular smartphone in Gartes’ study.

The top-selling smartphone is the iPhone 6s, with nearly 60 million units sold in 2016.

The lowest-selling phone in the study is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which sold 1.6 million units.

That’s less than half the 5.5 million units that Apple sold in 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the only phone in this study that sold more than 3 million units in 2016, according Gart’s data.

The Note 7 was released in March and has since been recalled and replaced with a Galaxy S7 Edge.

It has been a hot topic in Apple’s marketing, with the company making several public events to try to get people to switch from the phone.

But it’s not easy.

Many people still use their iPhones daily, and the phone can be a frustrating, confusing device to use.

Some people have found ways to get around the problem by using a third-party device.

For example, people with iPhones that have built-in cameras are able to record videos of themselves and share them on social media.

The best option for people with a smartphone with built-ins is to have a second device that supports voice and data services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet.

That means people who have an iPhone with built in cameras are likely to have another smartphone with an app that supports those services.

And that third device could be a friend or a neighbor who can provide a passcode or passcode ring, said Ben Wojcicki, senior vice president of product marketing at the mobile payment company.

And if a person can’t make that passcode, they can still use other apps, such for Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, to make that call.

Apple’s strategy seems to be working, according for many consumers.

More than half of smartphone users say they would recommend the iPhone 7 over the Galaxy S8, which came out last month.

Nearly half of people who own a new iPhone are upgrading it, according an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

And a recent survey of iPhone users shows that nearly two-thirds of them would recommend their phone to a friend, relative to only one-third of iPhone owners who don’t own a phone.

Garten’s Zaslovsky said Apple’s reputation has improved in the past few years, especially when it comes to how people view it.

“We see that the phone is starting to gain some credibility,” he said.

“That’s good for us, because we know it’s going to be around for a long time.”

The survey did not ask how many people said they would switch to a newer smartphone, but the numbers suggest that there are many people who do not like the iPhone.

Garts research found that one in three respondents who own the iPhone 5s would recommend that it be their first smartphone, compared

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